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The arowana fish or the dragon fish as it is understood is discovered in Asia, South America, Africa and Australia. A great deal of these types are currently on the CITES jeopardized varieties listing so a great deal even more interest is being provided to the security and reproduction of these fish. The arowana is reported to advertise riches and success within its family particularly in Asia, so then the gold arowana has actually come to be a costly and very collectible fish.

The Tank

ho ca rong Arowana fish expand at a rapid rate and could get to in between 3-4 foot in size. If an arowana is put in a container that is too little its development could be stunted.

A completely expanded arowana fish would certainly have to remain in a 180-gallon container. I would certainly suggest you start with a 125-gallon container so you do not need to transform your container to promptly at the beginning. Maintain the top of your storage tank covered at all times as this fish is recognized to leap from the water.

Diet regimen

An arowana is a meat-eating fish. Make certain you obtain the lure from a trustworthy vendor as the occasional condition could be passed to the fish via online lure.

You must feed a child arowana 2-3 times a day and daily for a grownup. Simply make certain and not overfeed the fish and attempt not to have leftover food depending on the container as this will weaken the water high quality.


An arowana is much better off being gone on its very own as specific types of the fish could be hostile. If you are thinking of placing various other fish in the container also simply ensure that the fish are larger compared to ho ca rong arowana and won’t suit its mouth.

Health problem

Some basic indicators of disease to look for in your fish is a loss of cravings, remaining at the base of the storage tank, torn or divided fins and places on the body or mouth. If you begin to observe any of these modifications in your fish then begin inspecting the water high quality and boost it directly away.