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They Are Billions is a method video game in an apocalyptic future about the structure and handling human nests after a zombie intrusion that has actually erased nearly the whole mankind.

Now there are just a few thousand human beings left alive who should have a hard time to make it through under the continuous risk of infection. And the rest of the world, managed by the billions of individuals who ended up being contaminated and zombies, is now roaming around the globe in huge swarms searching for the last nests of survivors.

All maps are created arbitrarily, in their own occasions, environment, location and contaminated population. The goal is to enhance the nest and make the human beings who live there endure. The title provides a quick and ultra addicting gameplay mode, where our rating will be taped in certifying tables.

Throughout swarm attacks we can stop briefly the video game to develop the most suitable technique and put in location structures to construct, provide orders to your army or seek advice from all the details we require for choice making. Structure real estate and purchasing food for the inhabitants, producing defenses, numerous will be the actions we will need to prepare and perform to keep our city safe and make sure human survival.

Lego Star Wars

Because this is the very first time the material from the initial Lego Star Wars video games have actually been ported to the brand-new generation of consoles, all of the visuals have actually been improved for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It enables the whole video game appearance as refined as Lego Star Wars II was on the 360 last year, with sharper, larger textures, a well-executed plastic shine on the characters and things, and heaps of focus results. The video game will no doubt do well, as it has a complete back brochure of fans who pine for Lego Star Wars Mini Figures in any shape or kind.

Simply you and your ship going around the Galaxy doing whatever pleases you. There is no requirement to go into information with the 15 types of weapons, the unidentified ships, the black holes, the 250+ worlds throughout 60+ star systems.