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Creativity is most valued and if it helps you to save some cash for yourself, why not try the DIY? Home decor, as ravishing as it sounds, brings in thoughts of expensive lamps, mattresses, designer curtains and a dozen of unaffordable stuff. But, with lots of effort and minimum pocket investment you can get rid of the trash and re-design your cosy room.

Lamps and creativity

We keep eyeing those exotic lights at parties and other lit occasions and try imagining it around our house. A simple DIY out of trash bottles and a yarn can help you make one. All you need is bottles cut from the bottom, roll them around the bottle using fabric glue and let it dry. Slide a cord through the upper opening and light it. Try using various colours of knitting threads and create a row of colourful lamps.

If you are fond of clouds and adore their shapes, make a balloon cloud lamp with just a few materials; unused paper lantern, cotton and a battery-powered light and glue. Apply glue and paste the cotton thoroughly across the lantern and drop the lights into it. Use it at night when you need a getaway!

One can also make beautiful pendant lights with cardboards (browse correctly) and left out pen stands.

Paper cutouts and walls

Newspapers, used books and other trash can be stored and converted into art. Imagine a self-designed mapped wall. You need an artistic hand flowing free to carve out the world map. Later you just have to stick the paper into shapes (paint if needed) and dry it. You’ll have the globe at home all by yourself!

Shape out flowers or other designs from paper cutouts and thread it into a wall piece. Simple and beautiful!

Use leftover pieces of wrapping paper and frame them (try before making an awful face) as wallpapers.

Rope and craft

Make a rope basket or use a cotton rope like a railing at home. A rope basket will require a spool of cable, glue and a bucket to shape it. More straightforward as it gets, the drying will need at least 24 hours. However, the outcome is quite country-like and vintage.

Make use of the spare tire in your garage and modify it into a porch with the help of sisal rope, fabric glue and cardboard as the lid. Work in a pair to finish soon and less messy.

 Make a rug out of the unused spool of cable, any size you want and any shape you desire. You can also make placemats and spread them on the dining table (farmhouse pottery style) and place your dishes.

T-shirts and design

Creative Ideas for your Home Décor

This is the best way to utilise the old clothes that you never want to separate from yourself.  Mount the t-shirts on canvas, hang the old t-shirts on the wall and let your sentiments stay with a pinch of style.

Cut the sleeves of the T-shirt and stitch it into a tote bag in 10 minutes. You can take it to grocery shopping or any casual event.

Buying new pillow covers every time the old ones wear out costs a lot. Why spend so much on it when you can just design your cover effortlessly? The cloth pillow cover can be whipped in 15minutes with basic cut and stitch task.

Boxes and arrangement

Collect all the cardboard boxes you kept in the trash and utilise it the most to organise the stuff that gives you sore eyes. Pick up the right size, paint it with your favourite colour, doodle and use it as your mailbox.

Arrange small boxes orderly and glue them together. Now, decorate them with shades of colours and some and organise your stationery. It is going to look attractive on your study table.

 Cut the cardboard and use it as a wall frame along with a picture attached. You will need craft paper to design it. You can use these boxes in various arrangements to organise your cutlery, office desk, closet, shoes, etc.

Loops and strings

Any loop smaller to large ones can help in enhancing the effect of home decor. A hula-hoop can turn into a beautiful chandelier with some lights and glitter tulle entangled in it.

You can even cut the loop into a semicircle and arch it into a dreamcatcher (try collecting feathers and colouring them as per your requirements) with some beads, string and glue.

A lot more can be done using the trash in your backyard. Spending too much to save time affects your budget only at That’s unhealthy and not wise when you can utilise your spare time in building your home for a house that you just bought. Make use of the fantastic tricks and hacks from the internet and explore your creative side.