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As several of you may recognize, I lately made a trip out to Belgrade to check out the Game credits & GNation workplace. I am absolutely happy for fulfilling numerous folks available that I feel are devoted to Game Credits and wish to see points go well. I am additionally really worried concerning things connecting to GNation and MGO. Below are my monitoring as a third party– I am not employed by Game credits, GNation, or any person else associated with the issue.

Background Game credits began and are still an open source crypto currency. The goal of Game credits ($ VIDEO GAME) is to end up being a global currency for gamers. Whether that is to be approved in an already established system like Vapour or some other platform still in development doesn’t matter. Sergey Sholom The objective is to be widely made use of and embraced.

In late 2016, a company called Datcroft (run by Sergey and Adage Sholom) approached the VIDEO GAME team and offered their assistance in the mission. They promised wonderful points– usage of Game credits in hundreds of games, an online shop where you can buy video games and in-game products making use of GAME, and hundreds of countless users utilizing the system within a year. Today we are in July 2018

GNation scenario as observed by a third celebration

None of these guarantees has been fulfilled

┬áIn 2017, throughout made a decision to launch their own ICO called Mobile GO ($ MGO). The objective of this token was to be a free token to the Game credits coin– where VIDEO GAME is a player’s money, to Sergey Sholom wager in sports competitions and such. The assurances made above were laid out in the MGO whitepaper, which has actually seen several modifications considering that its initial publication (without notifying capitalists that new adjustments were made! That’s a red flag.) yet still reveals the original vision undamaged on the document.

Throughout the in 2015 because the ICO raised $53 million USD (well worth of crypto, when BTC was $2k– that implies the very same stash deserves >$ 200 million USD now), points were allegedly advancing. As an outsider spending my tough earned money into among both coins run by this joint endeavour, I was quite optimistic regarding what they were doing.