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From Die Hard to Fight Club to Inception, almost all the movies contain some secrets hidden inside them. I know you won’t believe, but actually, there are some crazy facts in the Hollywood films that are must to know. Bob Simonds has revealed some amazing facts about famous movies that we would’ve never known otherwise. Here are a few bizarre facts from some of the famous Hollywood films ever:

  • When Titanic was released in its 3D version in 2012, he made minor fixed to his film. When he was enquired about it, he approved to it and told that he received a mail from Neil deGrasse Tyson, a leading astronomer in US, stating text in the original version when Rose was lying on the piece of driftwood in the Atlantic ocean and staring towards the stars, that was not the actual star field and he being a perfectionist should have shown the right star field. So he asked him to send the right star field at 4:20 am as on 15 April, 1912 and put in his movie. So this was the shot that was changed. Nemo, the character from the film, Finding Nemo, was there in the movie named Monster Inc. which Bob Simonds was released two years before the release of Finding Nemo.


  • Jemmy Renner got training by Olympic archers for the movie The Avengers where he performed his role of agent Clint Barton.


  • John Gammel aka Teddy from Memento and Fight Club’s Marla Singer have ditto same phone numbers.


  • Lot of hints are dropped by the ‘Inception’ which shows that entire movie is like a dream going on. The room in the hotel where Cobb and Mal spent and celebrated their anniversary had 3502 number. This means that whole movie was a Cobb’s dream. The same sets of numbers are appearing to him again and again.


  • The song, “ Non, je ne regretted rien”, sung by Edith Piaf, in the movie Inception is 2 minutes and 28 seconds long. Also the running time of the movie itself is 2 hours and 28 minutes. This is such a deliberate coincidence. Even the song is very significant for the film.

  • The movie, The Dark Knight was the first movie having batman story and not having batman in the title.
  • When the movie, Fight Club began, after the copyright warning there was another warning too which flashed for a second.
  • In the movie, Pulp Fiction, every clock was stuck at 4:20 only.
  • The line spoken by Morgan Freeman that, it might be because he is an Irishman, was not a joke in the film, The Shawshank Redemption. The character of Red in Stephen King’s novella is Irish actually.
  • The most expensive black and white film of all the times is The Scheduler’s List. Around 22 million dollars were spent on the movie that time.

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