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“#Challenge”, which is basically made to motivate customers to create components based upon the pre-set guidelines. The difficulty “#Who says Peking Opera is not elegant”, for example, is a brainchild of our initiatives to fuse standard culture with the chic design of Tik Tok. The obstacle ended up to success on the system and generated a lot of involvements from individuals.

In addition, premium contents on the system are classified as “selected components”. And the official account TikTok also blog posts periodically video clip collections that, we assume, promote “charm” and can make life much more satisfying for others. Words “guide” may tend to imply that cultivating environment is all the platform’s job, when the customers on the system should also take part of the credit scores. The users, besides participating in the authorities “#Challenge” events, can also introduce their own “#Challenge” competitions by producing and spreading delightful contents in their eyes. Secondly, gathering customers’ responses on “charm” with audio referral mechanism

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Tik Tok has an enjoyable attribute themed

Some of the uploaded videos, after being reviewed by our audit group, due to our testing concepts, will be taken into the pool of recommended materials. And the customers can after that, based upon their own value orientations, offer us their feedback on these videos via such activities as sight, like, follow, report, comment and report. In this way, we get to constantly improve our assessing and suggestion devices. Via this procedure, we created a collection of recommendation methods that fit with the nature of Tik Tok. For instance, we stopped advising the materials, including components angling exclusively for focus, video clips featuring consuming and video clips spreading the tricks for leading a phony life, that oppose ideal worths in feedback to users’ feedback.

Our initiatives to supply a much better individual experience does not just stop at the item itself. We also preserve a direct contact with our individuals. In the very early days, Tik Tok would regularly welcome its individuals over to its workplace for little parties or talks. The small parties or talks have actually now progressed into once a week gatherings of Tik Tok users, initiative arranged by users in cities across China. These gatherings are must-not-miss events for our item supervisor and the team responsible for the operation, considering that they can profit from these chances to collect the users’ viewpoints concerning the system and, extra significantly, their views concerning Tik Tok’s area within a specific duration.